VFMAOHS - School Solutions Program

Valley Forge Military Academy Online High School, a Middle States approved online high school, provides school districts facing distance learning challenges with innovative and low-cost distance learning solutions they can use to tailor to the needs of their students and parents.

Options & Pricing

VFMA OHS offers three different types of school solutions: online with your faculty, online with our faculty, and offline with printed learning materials.

Solution 1: Online courses taught by local faculty

$ 29
Per Course Per Month
  • Schools use local faculty
  • Simple transition to a distance learning model
  • Customize to meet your curriculum map
  • Add or delete content for each course
  • Responsive model to meet Covid-19 restrictions
  • $348 per student for 3 credits over 4 months

Solution 2: Online courses taught by VFMAOHS

$ 59
Per Course Per Month
  • Utilize VFMAOHS faculty where local faculty not available
  • Enhanced course catalog, offering more choice
  • Solution for student capacity limitations
  • Contains cost by reducing dependence on local staff
  • $708 per student for 3 credits over 4 months

Solution 3: Textbook-based distance learning courses

$ 79
Per Course Per Month
  • Textbooks written by subject matter experts
  • Materials printed locally, or by VFMAOHS
  • Faculty can be local or provided by VFMAOHS
  • Meets demand for students that lack technology requirements for online courses
  • $948 per student for 3 credits over 4 months

VFMAOHS - School Solutions Comparison

FeatureSolution 1Solution 2Solution 3
Structured Educational CurriculumXXX
Middle States Accredited CurriculumXXX
Access to 125+ coursesXXX
Language Learning Support for ELL learnersXXX
NCAA approved coursesXXX
Student Mobile Learning AppXXX
Parent Mobile Learning AppXXX
Taught by State-Certified online teacherXX
Taught by local facultyXXX
Weekly Progress MonitoringXX
Access to Customized Admin ReportsXX
Ability to Customize curriculumX
Student Onboarding Assistance/48 Hour TurnaroundXXX
Parent selected courses and learning packagesX
School selected coursesXX
Easy Transfer of CreditXN/AX
Number of Courses at a Time1-71-73
Self-Contained CoursesXX


No, we can create a customizable online and textbook-based distance learning solution that utilize any and all combinations to suit your school or district.

Yes, all teachers with VFMAOHS are state-certified.

Yes, VFMAOHS can provide the curriculum in both online and textbook-based form where the district can then assign its local faculty to teach those courses.

VFMAOHS can stand up a distance learning solution in as little as 48 hours depending upon the solution and number of courses and students.

Yes, VFMAOHS will provide you with a Point of Contact who will assist through the entire sales, implementation, and continuous improvement processes

Depending on your solution, VFMAOHS will provide a training course for local faculty so they will be able to edit and customize the curriculum to match the local curriculum map and/or standards.  Additionally, VFMAOHS will provide technical support during the entire onboarding process to ensure a seamless onboarding experience.

There are multiple ways in which students can receive the textbooks.  Some include having our bookstore print and bind the books and then directly shipping to the student, or they can ship all the textbooks to the district or school who would then distribute them to the students.  We can also send the digital files to the district which can then print and bind the books, which greatly reduces the overall costs.

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