Academic Recovery

There are many reasons why a student might not complete their high school requirements. Whatever the reason, you have the option of completing your education and earning your diploma using the high school credit recovery program from Valley Forge Online High School. Why struggle with underemployment or settle for a low paying job when you have the ability to earn your high school diploma by completing the classes missing from your transcript?

Are you currently enrolled in high school? Would you prefer to graduate early to jump start your career or attend college sooner? This program allows you to earn credits at an accelerated pace to acquire your diploma sooner than the traditional four years. You may also enroll in the program to improve your GPA.

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Individual Courses | ½ & 1 Credit Courses

Transfer credit to your local high school. NCAA & Dual Credit Courses Available

  • 4, 8, 16-weeks program, or take 1 year to complete
  • Self-paced, take your time or binge learn
  • Monthly tuition ends when your individual course is completed
  • Over 200 elective courses and all core courses available
$59 per month

Enrollment is Simple

Enrollment is made easy if you choose to recover high school credits through Valley Forge Online High School and our programs. Complete a brief enrollment form and you are on your way! You can either text, live chat, book an appointment, call our team or visit us online to enroll in the program of your choice.

Do Credits Transfer?

Valley Forge Online High School is regionally accredited. Most high schools will accept credits earned at Valley Forge Online High School, thanks to the recognition provided by our accreditation at the regional level.

When Do Classes Start?

One of the best things about recovering credits through an online program is that you can start when you’re ready. Working a lot of hours right now? Start when your schedule slows down. Have a family vacation planned? Enroll and begin studying when you return from your trip. Want to simply wait a year or two until you have enough time to focus on studying? You can begin the process of recovering credits when you are ready.

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