VFMA OHS Diploma - Offline

Reasons why Valley Forges' self-paced paper based correspondence courses are right for you:

  • The traditional classroom setting or online learning format may not be the right fit for you
  • You don’t have access to technology or the internet
  • Traditional classroom and peer learning is difficult and moves at a pace you find hard to manage
  • You enjoy learning on your time, in a flexible format and schedule that meets the demands of your busy life
  • You feel you are being left behind in a traditional classroom setting
  • You want to study in the comfort of your own home without distraction or peer pressure
  • A regular 8am to 3pm school schedule doesn’t work for you or your family

VFMA OHS Offline Course Advantages

  • No technology or internet access required
  • No laptop or device required
  • All textbooks and learning guides are provided at no extra cost and sent directly to your door
  • Study at your own pace on your own terms, anytime, anywhere
  • Dedicated VFMA OHS State Certified Teachers are always there to help you learn
  • Engaging lessons designed by our experts in their respective fields of study to better prepare you for your chosen career or college 
  • Study in confidence – follow our student handbook with its How to Learn and How to Study Guidelines and you will succeed
  • Feel confident, take tests as many times as you wish with no pressure and no extra cost
Earning your diploma using our printed learning materials is simple!

Explore the courses available to you in the VFMA OHS Offline Course Catalog. 

Your path to success starts here for only $99 per month for either our career or college diploma tracks, or alternatively you can elect to enroll in an  individual course of your choice for $189 total. You choose the learning track that best meets your specific requirements:

  • Career Diploma Track - our 18 credit offline career diploma track is designed to provide you an academic foundation to pursue your chosen career track.
Offline Diploma for Career | 18 Credits

Fulfills high school diploma requirements in order to Graduate and move on to a career using a traditional correspondence model of learning.

  • 3 year program
  • 6 credits per year
  • Textbooks shipped within 48 hours to your door
  • Must complete 25% of the credits with VFMA OHS to earn diploma
$99 per month
  • Academic Diploma Track - our 24 credit offline college track diploma is designed to provide you the academic foundation you will need for college as well as give you the flexibility to expand your knowledge on areas that interest you. 
Offline Diploma for College | 24 Credits

Fulfills all high school graduation and diploma requirements, PLUS additional coursework required for college and university admissions using a traditional correspondence model of learning.

  • 4 year program
  • 6 credits per year
  • Textbooks shipped within 48 hours to your door
  • Must complete 25% of the credits with VFMA OHS to earn diploma
$99 per month
  • Individual Course Track - provides you the option of taking Offline individual high school courses for credit rather than enrolling in one of our high school diploma tracks.
Offline Individual Courses

Transfer credit to your local high school. It’s the perfect option for: 

  • Making up credit for courses that you missed, failed, or did not complete
  • Taking a class or two to catch up with your graduating class
  • Getting a summer school education
  • Supplementing your current school curriculum
  • Additional FEATURES
  • Advance your studies in a traditional format
  • Over 45 courses to choose from
  • Textbooks shipped within 48 hours to your doorstep
$189 per course

About the Program

Flexibility – Your Learning, Your Choices, Your Time
Unlike a traditional school, our students are enrolled in only two courses at a time. Our self-paced curriculum provides students the flexibility of completing their coursework within a 20-week timeframe.  This focused learning framework allows students to explore their knowledge on a deeper level. Learn More

Using current information from subject matter experts, our curriculum is published in-house.  With over 45 courses to choose from, our textbooks are shipped within 48 hours to your doorstep. The lessons are supported by engaging activities and problem-based learning. 

Fully Accredited
Valley Forge Military Academy Online High School is the second oldest nationally accredited distance learning high school in the U.S.  VFMA OHS is also regionally accredited just like your local public school.  Learn More

Transfer Credits
At Valley Forge Military Academy Online High School we will accept up to 75% of credits that you have previously earned.  This can reduce your overall costs by up to $3,564.  Learn More


Valley Forge Military Academy Online High School Offline courses can be completed from any location in the world, at any time of the day. You pick the setting and time that works for you. Instead of completing your studies online in front of a computer, the Offline course learning materials are mailed to your location. You are not required to have a computer or internet access to complete VFMA OHS Offline courses.

Enrolling is easy. Please see the enrollment options below and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.  Enrollment forms can be viewed and downloaded here or you can call us at 888-981-2904 and one of our Enrollment Specialists will send you a copy of the form immediately.

Enroll via Mail:  Mail completed form to Valley Forge Military Academy Online High School, Attention Admissions, 1590 Island Lane, Suite 44, Fleming Island, FL 32003 and include a check or money order for the initial monthly payment.  You can also make a payment over the phone by calling us at 888-981-2904.

Enroll via Fax:  Send completed form via fax to 904-272-6702 and call us at 888-981-2904 to make the initial monthly payment. 

Tuition payments will be automatically deducted from your account each month based on the day you enroll. A student who enrolls on the 10th of the month will be automatically charged on the 10th of every month moving forward. 

Yes, our Student Service department will be happy to work with you and set your payment day to what works best for you. Please feel free to give Student Services a call at 888-981-2904.

No, there are no additional fees, all textbooks and learning materials required to complete each course are included in the cost of the course and are yours to keep following your graduation from VFMA OHS.

No, there are no additional postage or handling fees for USPS standard shipping which usually take 2 to 8 business days depending on your location. However, you can request expedited and priority shipping options and you will be required to pay the difference.

Standard USPS shipping normally takes 2 to 8 business days depending on your location. 

Students can select their first two courses through their school portal. If you do not have access to the internet, our enrollment specialist will assist you with getting enrolled in two appropriate courses based on your grade level. You can view suggested schedules of classes below.

Click here for a suggested schedule of classes for the College Pathway.
Click here for a suggested schedule of classes for the Career Pathway.

Students can have two subjects at a time. As soon as you complete one of the courses on hand, you can immediately request your next subject to be shipped.

Offline course materials consist of softback textbooks, learning guides, and reading guides.

No, all learning materials do not need to be returned and are yours to keep for future reference.

There are a few options to submit assignments for grading.

  • Assignments can be mailed using the return envelopes provided with each course.
  • Submit via email to exams@vfmaohs.com, or upload them to the online classroom in Canvas. Even though you are enrolled in the Offline Program, you can still take advantage of the Online classroom features. Canvas is the online learning management system where your course progress is tracked.
  • Call VFMA OHS Academics for assistance in learning more about how each option works best. Academics can be reached directly at 888-981-2904.

Your VFMA OHS Teachers are here to help! You can reach out to your teacher via e-mail, telephone, or text message. On the home page of each course, each teacher provides their listed phone number, be prepared to leave a detailed voice message including your name, course, phone number including area code, and a brief description of your specific question. You will also be provided with your instructor’s phone number and email address in your original mailing with your textbook and learning guide. Teachers will return your phone call or email within two business days. Typically, our response time is much faster and our faculty are eager to support your success.

There are a variety of electives to choose from which include titles in Business, Science, and Fine Arts. Electives provide the opportunity to explore specific subject areas and prepare for college and careers. You will be provided with a course catalog to review with your welcome materials and your VFMA OHS success coach will assist you with selecting the best courses that align with your goals.

Yes, the Individual Course Program allows students to get ahead of their current class or make-up credits missed in previous years. You can take as many courses as you wish to reach your goal of graduation.

Students can have two subjects at a time. As soon as you complete one of the courses on hand, you can immediately request your next subject to be shipped.

Courses can be completed in as little as 28 days and as long as 20 weeks. It is often said, the pace of the captain determines the pace of the ship. As the captain of your own success ship, schedule at least two to four dedicated times per week to study and complete assignments

Once assignments are received at VFMA OHS, we work to get them uploaded and sent to instructors within 48 hours or two business days of arrival. From there, your instructors have 48 hours to grade and complete the submissions. This may be altered slightly if you submit a large quantity of assignments at one time. Students are encouraged to submit assignments frequently for continuous feedback and instructor engagement.

The processing of your exams can be expedited by uploading your assignments to the online classroom in Canvas. When an exam is uploaded to Canvas, the instructor can see it immediately. The instructor then has immediate access to the exam. This will be the quickest way to receive a grade as well as any feedback from the instructor. If you do feel comfortable using the internet to upload your assignments and exams, you can call Academics directly for support in navigating Canvas, the online platform where your course progress and grades are monitored. Simply call us at 888-981-2904 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Your completed, graded exams and assignments will be mailed back to you, with detailed instructor feedback, instructions, and reflections to help guide your continued success. If you have an email address or phone number on file and want text or email alerts, that can also be provided. Your instructors are also available for stop and discuss and general feedback sessions via email and phone.

If you fail an exam, your instructor will provide the graded exam detailing areas for continued study and mastery. As well, the instructor will recommend a phone, email or online meeting to discuss areas of concern and assist with mastery of the various topics necessary for success. VFMA OHS is committed to your success and thus, our students are able to retake exams with continued instructor support at no extra cost.

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