Online Diploma Pathway for College

The Online High School College Diploma track is designed for students who are seeking a rigorous college preparatory program. At the end of our program you can expect to receive a world-class education and a regionally and nationally accredited diploma preparing you for the next step in your journey.

Reasons why the College Diploma Program is right for you:

  • You want confidence the online high school you choose will be accepted by your desired college or university
  • You need a flexible path to complete high school on your way to college
  • As a parent, you know home learning is right for your student but you do not have time to be a teacher
  • Traditional classroom and peer learning is difficult and moves at a pace you find hard to manage
  • You enjoy learning on your time, in a flexible format and schedule that meets the demands of your busy life
  • You are concerned about your safety and bullying and desire to study in your own environment
  • You want to study in the comfort of your own home without distraction or peer pressure
  • A regular 8am to 3pm school schedule doesn’t work for you or your family
  • You have a health condition that prohibits you from being in large crowds found in schools

College Diploma Program Advantages

  • A proven record of preparing students just like you for their desired college or university
  • Receive a fully accredited diploma at your pace, on your schedule
  • Dedicated state certified teachers who are always there to help you learn
  • Engaging lessons designed by content matter experts in their respective fields of study to better prepare you for your future


VFMAOHS prepares you for the next chapter in your journey

The Name & Brand You Can Trust

Valley Forge Military Academy Online High School is both regionally and nationally accredited and all courses are NCAA Approved. Learn more about our Accreditation here. Our online curriculum has been designed for the 21st century to equip our graduates to succeed academically. All courses are designed by subject matter experts and taught by state certified teachers who are there for you at every step of the way. 

Explore the courses available in the Career Diploma Course Catalog. 

  • College Diploma Track –our 24 credit college track diploma is designed to provide you the academic foundation you will need for college as well as give you the flexibility to expand your knowledge on areas that interest you.

About the Program

Flexible Enrollment – At VFMA OHS you can enroll at anytime, all you need to do is complete a simple application with payment, start your courses, and within the first 30 days submit your transcripts for any previous courses you have taken.

Diploma Requirements

24 Credits

Core Courses


Elective Courses


Program features

  • Supports Multiple Career Tracks
  • 16 Week Courses
  • Student-Centered Lessons
  • Tailor Your Electives to Support Your Goals
Diploma for College | 24 Credits

Fulfills all high school graduation and diploma requirements, PLUS additional coursework required for college and university admissions

  • 4 year program
  • 6 credits per year
  • Must complete 25% of the credits with VFMA OHS to earn diploma
$79 per month

Your Path to College Starts Here

Our 24 credit college track diploma is designed to provide you the academic foundation you will need for college as well as give you the flexibility to expand your knowledge on areas that interest you. Below is a sample of a course map of a student in the college diploma pathway. 

English IEnglish IIEnglish IIIEnglish IV
Algebra 1GeometryAlgebra 2Math Elective
Science ElectiveBiologyScience ElectiveForeign Language II
World HistoryUS HistoryGovt. /EconomicsElective
Fine Arts Elective PEForeign Language IElective

Enrolling in our Online High School is Simple

1- Click Enroll Now

Click on the Enroll Now button below and fill out our online high school admissions form.

2 - Submit Payment

Submit the first tuition payment to the online high school admissions department.

3 - Start Learning!

Admissions will send you a login to begin your orientation course immediately.


Yes, Valley Forge Military Academy Online High School is regionally accredited through the MSACESS (Middle States Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools). We are also nationally accredited by DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission). 

Yes, while VFMAOHS does not guarantee employment or acceptance into a specific college or university, our diploma is nationally accredited and our credits are accepted at most public and private universities. For those students interested in continuing their educations at 4-year institutions, we strongly recommend enrollment in our College Diploma track. For students interested in entering directly into the workforce, we suggest completing the Career Diploma track.

Yes, all courses and materials are completed online. The only exception to this policy will be in the science courses where hands-on experiments may be conducted using materials found around the home. Also some electives may require specialized equipment, but those items will be listed in the course syllabus for those specific courses.

The VFMAOHS Online tuition model is simple – $79 per month and you can take up to two courses at one time. There are no hidden fees, just study at your own pace, in your own environment.

Tuition payments will be automatically deducted from your account each month based on the day you enroll. A student who enrolls on the 10th of the month will be automatically charged on the 10th of every month moving forward. 

At VFMAOHS we will accept up to 75% of credits that you have previously earned. This can reduce your overall costs for online high school classes.

Yes, for a homeschool student to receive credit for courses completed via home education, our admissions team will need to review your home school portfolio

Our online high school courses are designed to be completed in 16 weeks, with a focus on one lesson per week.  By doubling or tripling the amount of lessons you complete each week, you can finish a course in as little as 28 days.  As long as you are focusing on one lesson per week, it is up to you to set the pace that works best for your schedule.  

For best performance, you should access your courses with a computer that supports the most recent browser versions.  It is recommended to use a computer five years old or newer with at least 1GB of RAM.  You can also access your courses with the Canvas Student app.  The Canvas Student app can be easily downloaded from your App Store.  For parents, there is also the Canvas Parent App which allows you to track your student’s progress, see their current grades, and communicate with the teacher.

Your VFMAOHS Teachers are state certified and here to help! You can reach out to your teacher via e-mail, telephone, or text message. On the home page of each course, each teacher provides their listed phone number, be prepared to leave a detailed voice message including your name, course, phone number including area code, and a brief description of your specific question.

Our classes are designed to be completed in 16 weeks. Which means you will complete one lesson per week. However, in our self-paced model, if you want to accelerate your pace, it is possible to complete a course in a month. Each of our lessons are engaging and interactive.

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