Academic Integrity - The Valley Forge Military Academy OHS Honor System

The 5 Pillars of Academic Integrity

Honesty is the foundation of good academic work.  VFMA OHS is committed to both academic excellence and the integrity of others work.  Watch the video below for a preview on academic integrity.

You Are Your Work

Your work represents the knowledge and skill you have gained throughout the course.  Do not cheat yourself by by copying the work of others.  Nor should you allow others to pass your work off as their own.

Tips for practicing good academic integrity:

Citing Sources


  • Use quotation marks when including copied text
  • Include important information such as author, year, title, and publication
  • Reference citation style guide like this


  • Copy and paste large sections of text



  • Put the information in your own words


  • Take direct information from outside sources without giving proper citation

Quality Research


  • Use the following sources: journals, books, .edu websites, government sites
  • Use a variety of sources


  • Use the following sources: Wikipedia, social media
  • Use only one source for a research paper 



  • Use your own opinion
  • Analyze the text you have read


  • Pass the work of others off as your own
  • Use an answer site (Yahoo, Course Hero)
  • Use Google translate

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