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A one-size fits all approach to learning doesn’t work for everyone. At Valley Forge Military Academy Online High School, students have the freedom to earn an accredited high school diploma on their terms with more choices than traditional schools when it comes to course selection, schedule and outcomes!

  • We understand you have questions about earning your diploma online.

With open enrollment and our learn-at-your-own-pace-model you get to decide how long it takes.

Our diploma program starts with 2 courses at $79/month, your pace will determine your total cost for the diploma. We’ll help you calculate it. 

At VFMA OHS we believe that a student taking 2 courses at a time provides for ample opportunity to be laser-focused on the academic topics at hand; promotes developing individual relationships with their instructor; and allows the student to fully master the designated subject area. Depending on a student’s learning style and preferences, there are certainly benefits to getting really immersed in 2 topical areas at any given time. 

Valley Forge Military Academy Online High School is regionally accredited, meaning our classes are accepted by most schools in EVERY state.

The Valley Forge Military Academy Online High School Advantage

Founded in 1928, Valley Forge Military Academy and is a private not-for-profit institution in Wayne, Pennsylvania. The Academy is a college preparatory school for students grades 7-12 and provides a full scope of academic disciplines, with core courses in Mathematics, Language, Literature, Civics, Arts, Social Studies, General Sciences, Physical Education, and Character Education.

As a student at VFMA and College you are following in the footsteps of senior military leaders, politicians, heads of state, captains of industry, writers, engineers, and athletes. Notable alumni include General Norman Schwarzkopf, H.R. McMaster (26th United States National Security Advisor), J. D. Salinger (author of Catcher in the Rye), King Simeon II of Bulgaria, Prince Hermann Friedrich of Leiningen (businessman), to name a few. VFMA Online High School is proud to continue this great heritage.

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